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Connecticut is for gangsters.


Dear Whisper-ers,

Shhhhhhhhhhh…..ut the f*ck up!


Nothing is more obnoxious and creepy than whispering. Please just say it out loud if you need to tell me something. No need to get your mouth (and horrible breath) all up in my face and blow/spit/huskily say something IN my ear. The great thing about ears these days is that they can hear, even from a normal-amount-of-personal space distance away.

“Hey Wanna Play Telephone?” HELL NO.

Worst game ever.

Also, the only thing worse than whispering is the guy (or gal) who THINKS they are whispering but in fact are just SCREAMING in a whispering manner. I hate the loud whisperer more than anything. (Well no, not more than camel toes and muffin tops. But believe me, IT IS CLOSE).

So in closing, use your voice and stay out of people’s ears.



So on my way into work this morning I saw this…

fo' life, yo.

It’s a crappy cell phone picture, but I promise you his vest says “Hells Angels Connecticut”

Um…WHAT?! We have bike gangs…in CT? Shit. I don’t really understand what there is to fight about here…maybe they throw down over our Yankees vs. Red Sox never-ending rivalry? Or perhaps they fight about who has the better beach house. Either way, watch out CT, we have hardened biker gangs. Represent.

Moving on, I had a bad yoga session last night. Yes, it happens. I think most of you know the craptastic feeling when you are just not into your workout or practice. I don’t know what was going on, but I was just not mentally there. In Bikram you really lose your thoughts and have to focus on: breath first (to not die in the heat) and the posture second. My mind was ALL OVER THE PLACE. I couldn’t focus.

I performed each pose but my heart and head were not feeling it, and I was just going through the motions. I was legit annoyed with the teacher when I thought the posture was going too long/I didn’t like the dialogue between sets/postures. I was a total bitchy bee in my head. I am not proud of it. I left feeling kind of defeated. I hate when I know I could have done something better.

But then I was like…ummm quit bitching, there are larger problems in the world than one bad yoga session. I smacked myself, perked up, and headed out to see Crazy Stupid Love with my Grandma Rose.

LOVED IT. I highly recommend this move to everyone. Young, old, male, female. It was awesome. Not only do you see Ryan Gosling shirtless:

Please can i have your babies?

But the entire plot, character development, humor, and drama are played out perfectly. Three thumbs up from Bee. Wtf? I don’t know I’m tired, I was up until nearly midnight. Yeah, that IS late for me, what about it?! Don’t mess with me, I’m from CT…we have gangs.

Also, when I was getting ready this morning, I realized the bathrobe I wear is 8 years old. Yeah, I got it at the end of my senior year of HS to bring to college. It is pink and has pink lady bugs on it. It’s horribly worn out, and I should really get a new one. But I won’t.

Wait until Ryan sees this, no way he can resist that sexy smile.

Ok, I admit that was random. I told you I was tired!

Has anyone else seen Crazy Stupid Love?

What movies do you look forward to seeing this summer/fall?
– The Help, New Years Eve, The Change-Up, Horrible Bosses, and I’m sure there are more!