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Talk to me!


Happy Friday[eve]! So close…

My  [not so bitchy] Bee advice for the day:

Dear everyone,

Hang in there:

This little guy (grasshopper) was on my side view for the entire ride into work this morning. I saw him on there when I got on the road and was so sad thinking how he was going to fly to his death once I got on the highway and picked up speed. Not so.

That little sucker held on all the way! You should too, dammit 😉



Day 10!!

So in case you didn’t know, I am doing 3, 30-day challenges simultaneously. They go together nicely:

No booze, 30 Day Bikram Challenge, and 30 days meat-free.

Today is day 10 of the challenge, and I am feeling Fab-You-Luss! While dedicating 90 minutes every day to Bikram is a bit time-consuming, I am loving the mental clarity it provides, and as an endurance athlete at heart, I love a 90 minute kick-in-the-ass. Woot.

I am eating foods that I love, and that fuel me for successful yoga practice (and runs, now that I’m back hitting the pavement, WOOT).

Booze makes practicing Bikram feel like death, so not drinking at all has kept me motivated to return to the sauna each day.

So yeah, here’s to 20 more! Cheers!

Shit we can’t cheers with that…yet 😉

So yesterday was MUCH better than my craptastic Tuesday. I got my tire replaced (have to go back today because they didn’t balance them apparently. Thanks, tools!). But I can go over 55mph now! Holla!

Then I got my stretch on at yoga, there was an instructor I’ve never had before and his voice was mega soothing. It was good.

After yoga it was time for Moe’s! YUM! I showered (kind of) at the studio and took my slighty-less-sweaty self to meet the sister, kids, and my dad for some family time 🙂

It was a silly time indeed!

Eliot photo bombed this attempt at a nice family photo:

So, naturally my Dad had to punch him in the face:

Hahaha, I am just kidding, obviously! But this photo cracks me up. I don’t really know what’s  going on, but nonetheless, it looks funny 🙂

This morning I got my sweat on with a 3 mile easy run

Then I took a picture and realized I am getting old, wtf…wrinkles?

I really need to start wearing making in a few of these shots so you don’t think I always look like death. I mean I usually do, but not ALWAYS.

The run felt good, but I was constantly looking at my Garmin. I need to really focus on just taking my “easy runs” EASY. I don’t want to over do it and overtrain…again. I know that I am not going to be nearly as fast as I was last year when I was running all the time, so I need to take that into consideration and not beat myself up over pace. Just focus on getting back in the groove of it.

That groovin’ picture just reminded me, I missed So You Think You Can Dance last night! GASP! Thank god I dvr that ish! Gotta find time to catch up tonight!

On another note. I am seeing decent “traffic” on here (decent is a relative term. let me be delusional and think my “page visits” stats are awesome, k?), yet barely any comments. Um…DUH Bee, maybe you should ask people things you want to know/discuss? Derr!

So here are a few questions for ya 🙂 Please talk to me, I want to know what’s  up with you..since I stalk a lot of your blogs and think you’re all pretty fuggin’ awesome.


Do you have/use a Garmin for your runs? Opinions on using it for “easy” runs in a training program please!

What is your favorite reality tv show? Do you dvr it or watch it live?


Rockin’ Oldies


Happy FRIDAY!! WOOHOO! What a fast week 🙂

A little advice. And this time, it’s SERIOUS.

Dear hipsters,

STOP trying to bring back Fanny Packs. They are horrible, and you’re breaking my heart every time I see one of you wearing them with pride. I love you and your style, stop ruining that with fanny packs! (Unless you’re this guy…)



Yesterday was a great Thursday, despite the heat index of 107! I thought I lived in Connecticut??

My craving for a banana got the best of me and at lunch I grabbed one to munch on during the second half of work. Jealous of my gym bag? It’s ok, I would be too.

It hit the spot!

Then it was off to yoga. UGH. Don’t get me wrong, I loooooove my yoga. But in that weather, well quite frankly it’s not pleasant. After you’re done you fell like a million bucks, but during…WOOF! Plus my ankle is really bothering me. I took the liberty of photographing it for you.

Hello there baseball-sized right ankle. Please go away so that I can better perform my moves. Thanks.

While I survived the heat, let me tell you, it was the hardest yoga class I remember to date. I was ready to hurl. Sexy, I know.

Once recovered, and looking like a drowned rat:

I would like to draw your attention to the cleanliness of my mirror. Obviously I windex every single day and don’t ever get finger (entire hand?) prints on my mirrors. Meh, I can’t be perfect.

So once I regain consciousness after melting gracefully practicing Bikram yoga, I called up Grandma Rose to see what she and Grandpa Roy were up to. They bought a condo in the same town as me last year so they come up for a few months at a time when the weathers good! WOOT! I loooove my grandparents!

G-Rose was like “Come on over! We’re just relaxin’, Uncle Ricky is coming over to hang up some blinds for us.”

So I picked myself up a delicious Veggie Sub from the gas station Subway, and headed over.

G-Rose is classy and made me put it on a plate. She is SUCH a grownup…

I got all the veggies except for the roasted peppers. Too soggy for my liking. And tried the avocado. Not bad for fast food avocado, not bad at all! I forgot how big a foot long is [that’s what she said] and had to take a break in between halfs. But you better believe by 9:00 that veggie beast was in my belly.

I just want to say that my G-Rents ROCK. Please see below for proof if you don’t believe me.

Yeah. That just happened. WHAT!! 🙂

Uncle Ricky did indeed come over to put up their blinds, and he brought my aunt and cousin with him, they’re so prettttty!

Uncle Ricky was pretty impressed with his skills. Aunt Debbie looks less than amused…

Around 9:30, since I have the sleep habits of a little old lady (but not G-Rose, she’s too awesome for lame sleep schedules. She’s up until midnight every night, rocking out), I headed home to get my snacks ready for today and to catch my zzzzs.

I’m a little excited for my snack today. I think you can see why,

Sunflower butter + banana = NOM. (go ahead, check my math.)

This morning I added one of my favorite ingredients to my oatbran. Seriously, try this. No joke, it is heavenly. You may get weird looks buying it, or people may think you’re a mom, but it is totally worth it.

Add one of these babies (pun intended) to your oatbran, a little PB, and the rest of the nanner that wouldn’t fit in your wrap. Enjoy. A LOT. 🙂

I can’t wait for the weekend! Especially hanging out with my nephews and niece tomorrow. This picture cracks me up. E-money “trying on” Mini-Moms new dress. hahaha. The kid cracks me up!

Hope everyone’s friday flies by, well until 5:00. 🙂

If you can’t see it, it isn’t there…or something…


Good morning. Is it Friday yet? Err….hey, at least it’s not Monday, right?

Important advice from the Bitchy Bee:

Dear “Grown ups” (aka people like me who dress that part from 9-5 in order to receive a paycheck),

It is totally acceptable to wear a shirt with a stain on it to work, as long as you cover it up.



As I put on my work costume this morning – yeah i just said costume – I looked down to realize there were TWO stains on my white tank top (which I quickly remembered were from some tasty red wine this past weekend, woops. One too many? Impossible). Then I came to the conclusion that no one but me will know those stains are there. Well….and now anyone reading this post too. Shh, don’t tell the others.

Yesterday was a roller coaster of a Tuesday. Usually weekdays are either awesome, or shittAy. Yesterday was both.

I started my day with my yummy Oatbran (Bob’s Red Mill Rocks my world. Just sayin’). As per usual, I mixed in some protein powder (vanilla whey).

For lunch I had some bangin’ pasta. You NEED to try these noodles:

These “noodles” are delicious, 20 calories a serving (so 40 calories because the bag isn’t that big!), and tastes/feels like pasta. I topped them with some three cheese marinara sauce, and some shredded mozzarella. YUM!

For an easy afternoon snack I munched on a Tortilla with roasted veggie hummus. Hummus = crack. GET IN MUH BELLY.

In between all the deliciousness, I went home around noon to walk Mr. Charlie. Unfortunately, he had a lovely surprise for me. A STINKY surprise on the basement floor. Thanks, beyotch.

Don’t be mad at me Mom. I had to GO!

Dammit, Charlie, stop being so cute so I can be pissed at you!

So after cleaning up that lovely afternoon pile o’ shit, I was back to work and then off to get my yoga on!

Last night’s Bikram was a great class. I had been away for 4 days, so I was wondering how I’d feel. I felt awesome. Despite the fact that we’re in the middle of a humidity/heat wave, the room felt great and I kicked butt. I think I like Bikram because I’m naturally very flexible and I love being “good” at something. That, coupled with the redonk amount of mental clarity you get from concentrating for 90 minutes. Duh, winning.

After yoga I rushed home to change (not shower, mind you…woops), and met my dad for dinner at Vernon Diner. In high school we all used to refer to it as “VD.” If that doesn’t get your appetite going, I don’t know what will….gross.

I had an egg white omelette with cheddar, broccoli, and onion and wheat toast with strawberry jelly. YUM.

After a nice time with my dad, I went home and did dishes, my sink was overflowing like WOAH, vacuumed up some Charlie hair, and crassssssssshed. Zzzzzzz.