Hey what’s up? I’m Bee. I’m a single 20-something year old living on the East Coast. I love Bikram Yoga (probably because it’s the only kind I’ve ever tried). I used to run A LOT, but am pretty prone to over-doing it and getting injured, so I am gently easing back into my running. I have passed the ACE personal trainer certification, yet never did anything with it. I’m a certified dog trainer too, yet my dog Charlie is proof I never did anything with that either…

I like to learn new things (thus the random certifications). I am stubborn, independent, and have an addiction to oatbran. I am an aunty to 3 amazing kids (one more in the oven too!), my sister is my best friend, and my mom is the cutest 5-foot tall lady you’ll ever meet. (At 5’8”, clearly I don’t take after her physically. Also, she doesn’t swear. So how the fuck am I her daughter? Sorry Mom!)

I work in the wonderful world of print, but basically just do busy work from 9-5. I graduated college with a 4.0 GPA, yet have NO clue what it is I want to do for a living. Despite the whole issue of being in my mid 20s…I’m still not sure what I want to do “when I grow up.” Yeah, I do not consider myself a grown up just yet…whatever.

I am single, and have been on some pretty hilarious dates. Oh the joys of online dating…Sometimes it works out and I find good friends, clearly I haven’t met “the one,” but I’m just fine with that. How would I amuse my friends if I didn’t have war stories to share about my awkward first dates. So, really, I am being selfless by remaining single.

Other than that, I am trying to lead a healthy lifestyle, practicing yoga and getting in some runs, eating healthy, and enjoying my free time before I am a grown up. Gross.


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