Planking is dumber than a 5 year plan


Dear human beings,

How is that “planking” is a fad? Seriously? Laying down…arms by your side…is one of the most popular activities documented on the social media scene? Wtf…


How is this amusing? My advice to you? Cut the shit. Stop laying down on public grounds/equipment. You’re going to catch something.



Anywho…Today is day TWENTY FIVE of my 30 day challenges. I can’t believe that by next Wednesday I will be done with 30 days of consistent yoga practice, non-alcoholic beverages, and meat free cuisine. Score.

I mentioned yesterday, in my first brainstorming post about what is next, that I like have a “Goal” outside of work. I think it is important to have a focus in life, whatever it may be on.
Some people are focused on starting a family, aka making babies:

some part of me thinks this is child abuse...

Others are very career driven:

this photo is from the documentary of my life.

Some people are hardcore and are training for physical feats, like winning races and being badass:

motivation is key

I am not quite sure what I am. Does that make sense? I like having goals, but generally in my adult life these are all short-term. Aka the 30 day challenges. I am not quite sure where I want to be career wise. I can’t find a man I can stand, and I don’t have the physical/mental ability to train hard enough to be a career athlete.

However, I think I could absolutely stand a career athlete....please?

I guess I’ll keep going with the short-term goals and hopefully they will come together and help me figure out my long-term goals. I don’t really mind that I don’t have a long-term “Plan” for my life though. Because honestly, no one can predict what is going to happen, and “5 year plans” are ridiculous. If you have one, I’m sorry, but that’s a big waste of time. You can’t control life. End of story.


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  1. I just saw your comment on one of my posts, from April. I love your posts so far, LOLing at my desk. Please come back and write again!
    Another Bikram yogi with an unruly dog (or two).

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