Looking for what’s next!


I have no advice today. Sorry I’m not sorry.

So now that I am in day TWENTY FOUR (gasp!) of my 30 day challenges, I am already looking ahead to “what’s  next?”

why is real life not like this show? 😦

I have really enjoyed having a general Goal that I am sticking to over the course of these challenges. Maybe I’m the only one, but sometimes the mundane, office life, of mid-twenty-year-olds can be less than…challenging. While I do use my brain at work for projects and what not, there certainly is VERY little physical activity in my day to day activity, and a lot of my daily activities are routine. Having a goal outside of work is a good way for me to look forward to something (i.e. yoga after work each night), to plan things (i.e. attempting to “cook” vegetarian meals), and to try something new (i.e. not drinking).

When people put pictures like this in Powerpoint Presentations, I want to punch them.

I am tinkering with several ideas, but I keep coming back to the thought of the Primal Blueprint, by Mark Sisson. This is similar in “diet” (<–this is not some fad diet where you magically drop 30 lbs in 30 days, or other bullshit claims out there), to the Paleo way of eating, however The Primal Blueprint allows for dairy, much more fat, and encompasses a lifestyle component rather than just guidelines to healthy food choices.


That sounds like a smart idea...

In my crossfitting days I was Paleo-ish for a while and honestly felt amazing. I’ve done it off and on several times but always end up falling off the Primal/Paleo wagon while drinking. When I switch to whole, nutritious foods, and cut out processed things/sugars/artificial sweeteners (<– that’s the hardest part for me, I am a self-admitted Splenda addict. Sigh.), I feel sooo good! Then I get a few drinks in me, and pizza/ice cream/whatever looks mighty fine, and BAM off the healthy Primal wagon. And I stay off for some reason.

I don't know why this is here. I just like it.

I think dedicating a block of time to really sticking to a Primal lifestyle, and being held accountable here, may be just what I need. Also, each time I eat Primal I am forced to actually cook things, which is a challenge in itself. Someday I may not be able to afford Subway every night….haha. So cooking and trying new foods is always a bonus, even if it is more work. Boo 😦


Amen, sister.

So while I still have 6 days to decide (and of course one splendid free day where I am so going to get Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream — they just opened back up in CT, sooo excited!), I am leaning towards a 60 day Primal Blueprint “Challenge”. This means limiting alcohol intake (I think I may do no-booze to limit my bingey tendencies, we’ll see. Tizzle’s Sparkle-Themed B-day Bar Crawl Party is Labor Day weekend…oh yes, I said Sparkle!),

I must find this for the party!

eating whole nutritious foods, excluding grains, sugars, and emphasizing good fats, meats (gasp! meat?!? yes, meat), and vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts.

The Primal Blueprint encourages physical fitness as well. It discourages chronic cardio, and emphasizes mixing things up. Lift heavy things, sprint once in a while, and play. Um, yes please! So I would most likely be following a 3 day on 1 day off wod (work out of the day) style routine, seeing as how I have an arsenal of equipment at home that allows for constantly varied (crossfit-style) short routines that include bursts of cardio and strength. And, of course, I would continue to practice Bikram Yoga. That is my mental savior!

Speaking of Yoga, I was NOT pleased with last night’s instructor. He was visiting from another studio, and well….he was not my favorite. I hate when I am thinking more about how sucky the teacher is than I am focusing on my breath and postures. But I was.

ummmmm hmmmm!

He had an annoying voice, did not follow the dialogue, and was holding postures for the wrong amount of times. Short postures were too long, long too short. All around it was shitty. And he looked exactly like Sideshow Bob.


Aaaand, after thinking mean thoughts about him for 90 minutes, it was off to Mini-Mom’s house to celebrate my niece’s THIRD BIRTHDAY! 🙂

Sooooooo cute!

Happy Birthday Penelope!


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