Hey, I didn’t die. (and day 20!)


Dear Parents,

Stop dressing/allowing your kids to dress like hookers. It is wildly inappropriate, and makes me uncomfortable. For them, for you, for me. Just cut it out. They can be a skank on their own when they’re older. For now, while you have the final say, please cut the shit.

These suits are all appropriate. NOT.



Moving on. I survived my first DOUBLE of Bikram yoga yesterday AND one of them was the advanced series. Let me start out by saying, yesterday was HOT.

I got to the 10am class, and the 8am class was finishing up. They were all coming out gasping for air talking about the humidity and how it was deadly in there.

Great. And they were not joking. My 10am class was rough. I felt very dizzy again towards the end of standing series, but by the end of class, I felt AMAZING. This was a pleasant surprise because about 30 minutes into the class I thought, “Oh hell no. There is no effin’ way I’m doing this AGAIN.” That’s the cool thing about yoga, you can go through a roller coaster of emotions throughout class, but 99% of the time, you end up feeling better than when you started. So, I knew I wanted to stick around and see what the advanced series was all about.

To my surprise it was just 2 of the teachers from the studio, myself, and one other girl about my age. All 3 of them are pretty awesome, and we went into the room knowing it was going to be fun to try. Thank goodness the two teachers were there, we followed Bikram’s CD and some of the instructions were…less than clear. haha.

But OH MY GOD. Doing a double, my body was so limber. I was going into back bends deeper than ever before, I was able to do a full expression of full moon without the back pain I’ve been experiencing. I was able to do splits! I don’t think I’ve attempted a split in …years? Since I danced with the studio. Splits aren’t something that come up in your day-to-day life. Unless you’re a stripper. I’m assuming.

So yeah it was great, and afterwards I had this natural high and my body felt so light. I think I will definitely do the same thing again next Saturday. This double came at the perfect time, since I will need to miss yoga on Tuesday (WAHH) for a work meeting. So I can still get 30 sessions in 30 days. Phew!

Also, it is Day 20 of the 30 day Challenges! 2/3 of the way there and feelin’ good 🙂

Off to get my bend on. Later!


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