Dear Squirrels,

WTF guys? Do you seriously hate life so much that you need to chill in the middle of the road ALL the time? 

Or are you just bored and need to spice things up? Looking for some thrills? Or are you just crazy and like the risk?

Look, here comes Bee, TO THE STREETS!

You know what, I don’t care. Whatever it is, cut the shit, I am tired of freaking out every morning because I almost drove off the road trying not to kill you! 

Peace out…little shits,

Bitchy Bee

So yesterday I am not sure what was going on with me. Yoga was torture. Before standing series was even over, I felt like I was going to pass out. I sat out for the second set of triangle, and tree stand.  I got through the entire floor series, but not without thinking:


Yes, that went through my mind about 9309842 times before class got out. What the hell? Normally I kick butt in bikram. NOT PLEASED.

Then I got to thinking, ok that was my 18th day  IN A ROW. Maybe my body is feeling a little tired/exhausted/etc. And it was very humid. So I guess its alright…But UGH!

wahhhhh waahhhhhh

However, on my way out of the studio, my teacher invited me to try out an Advanced Class today!! So nervous about this, but also so excited. The poses in advanced are INSANE. Seriously.

hmm....you want me to bend where?

AAAAaaaand, they recommend that you do the regular class before hand to limber up. So I will be doing my first double. Back to back. YIKES! So 3.5ish hours in the hot box today!

Yeah, that sounds about right.

I ate a very healthy dinner last night, have been drinking Powerade, and am about to go eat a breakfast of fruit, oatbran, and pb. I’ve read that eating a piece of fruit between doubles is usually a good way to get some energy without having to digest much. So I bout an orange when I went out for coffee this morning…

shutup, an orange is an orange.

Yes my orange is from the gas station. Stop judging me…

If I live to write another day, I’ll tell you how the advanced class went!!



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