That’s What She Said!



Woops, was there an extra “F” in there? That’s weird…

Daily advice from your Bitchy Bee:

Dear Blogger,

Be careful who you talk to about Nut Butters! See below.

Blogger A: “Oh man, I am almost out of my favorite Nut Butter!”

Blogger B Response: “Oh no! I looooooooooove nut butters!”

Non Blogger Response:


Bee 😉

In other news, my tires are finally all better, no shaking uncontrollably when I drive and no donut. Winning!

Why yes that IS my stinky Bikram yoga mat drying over my passenger seat. Thanks for noticing.

The guys at the garage totally saw me taking a picture of myself when I got back into my car. They probably think I’m a weirdo. They’re probably right…

After yoga last night I had high hopes for being productive and doing things like cleaning, going for a long walk with Charlie-boy. But once I got home I decided that I wanted to sit on my butt. So I did.

Charlie was mad at me for taking him on a short walk, and he told me my feet stink.(Disregard my STILL swollen right ankle/baseball sized bump. I’m confident that it will eventually return to normal).

News flash Charlie, your ENTIRE body smells. Yeah, I said it. In other news, I need to give Charlie a bath this weekend. And possibly I should take a shower too. At some point.

So while sitting on my ass doing nothing, I caught up on So You Think You Can Dance. Am I the only one who LOVES Melanie? The girl blows my mind!


Do you have any fun weekend plans?

– I am going to run (and of course get my yoga on) Sat/Sun. Saturday I am seeing one of my bffs from HS and her adorable kids. Sunday I think I’ll do something with GRose or the kiddos. Not sure about tonight. I am le tireeeeed.

Do you use the term “Nut Butter” around non-bloggers?

-Sometimes, but only to see if they’re cool enough to quickly reply with That’s What She Said!


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    • God, succumb to peer pressure already. No seriously, I love butter butters as well. I don’t discriminate just because something doesn’t come from a nut. Annnnnd that’s what she said…too.

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