Donuts. Not the good kind.


Uhhhh, a little advice for…yesterday.

Dear Tuesday,

Go fuck yourself.




A very Bitchy Bee

So yesterday started out great, got a successful first run of the 1/2 training program in. Had a nice day at work, a great Bikram Yoga class (seriously, I felt like I was on cloud 9 walking out of the studio last night).

Then, just like that.


Driving home on the highway all of a sudden there is a TON of giant gravel/rocks/whateverthefucktheywere. Being that traffic was moving about 70 mph and there were cars on either side of me, swerving was not an option.

Yep. Big old flat tire.WAHHHHH (I’m saying that JUST like Snookie by the way. So you knoooooow it’s annoying).
Thank god Mini-Mom is the shiznit and continues to buy me AAA even though I’m 26 and a “grownup.” And I am super lucky my card happened to be in the car, because…Yeah…I left my purse at home! Shhhhh, don’t tell the authorities that I drive around sans license.So I call, they tell me 30-40 minutes. I wait and wait…and wait…

Luckily I wasn’t wearing gym clothes drenched in sweat from yoga (yes even the change of clothes gets drenched on the way out) and that I was looking fly. Only the exact opposite…
Thank god for cell phones, right? I can facebook/blog stalk. Um. NO. Battery dying? FML.

Finally, after about 55 minutes, some handy AAA guy comes and points out that not only did my tire go flat, the rim got bent as well. Awesome…

He was really nice though, but I felt terrible, I had no purse…and no money to tip. So I quickly jumped in my car and was like “K thanks, you’re awesome, BYE!”You are supposed to tip those guys right? Sorry dude….I would have if I could have…

So now I’m rocking some TINY ass donut tire.

I’m not entirely confident that it can hold the weight of me my car. I need to figure out what I’m doing about that, asap. So yeah, Tuesday…you’re dead to me. Bitch.
Anywho, now that I am done whining and bitching about that, onto today.

I woke up extra early today. I felt like a zombie, yet looked surprisingly similar to an alien…

Hot. I know. It’s a mystery why I’m still single.

I got up extra early because today’s run was 5 x 400s. I live in Connecticut, aka land of hills, and I don’t live near a track I can run on, so repeats are done at the gym on the…..

DREADMILL. Yes I hate the treadmill usually, but repeats aren’t so bad. They go so fast and I can entertain my mind for a quick sprint workout. Good thing, because I forgot my headphones today. I kind of liked running without shit-in-my-ears. I’m always fussing with them so it was nice to not have to do that.

The run went great. I did a 1/2 mile warm up with an easy jog then my 400s at speed 8.2 with a 400 in between each one at 5.0. It was a good workout, but when I was done I felt like I had more in me, which is good. 11 1/2 weeks left of  training, don’t want to burn out.

So, at least it’s hump day today! That’s damn close to Friday!

I have some delish eats for the day, including one of my favorite lunches:
Sweet Potato, 1/4 cup black beans, 1/2 cup cottage cheese, salsa. I always use my finest china.

This salsa is like crack,  people. Go buy some. Immediately. Go.

Tonight my lovely sister, 2/3s of her children (as in 2 out of 3, not partials of each child), and my Dad and I are going to Moe’s for dinner! I love their food! And I love the company.

Hopefully Wednesday won’t suck balls quite as much as Tuesday. Pardon my…American. (I would say pardon my French, but I feel they’re too classy to say “suck balls.” Clearly I am not).

Bitchy bee, out.


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