A little advice to my ladies out there.

Dear chicas,

Do what makes YOU feel good. Don’t listen to anyone else, just do what YOU want. I love ignoring what the “norm” is and doing what I like. For instance, I think short hair is adorable, so last year I decided to say “FUCK IT” and just cut it all off. I researched programs for donating hair for wigs for cancer patients, and just went for it!

Did some people hate it? Hell yes.

Did I care? Hell no.

I honestly am at a point in life where it really does not bother me what other people think. I mean sure, I like to think people think I’m awesome and gorgeous, etc etc, but if they don’t? Meh. NEXT.  (p.s. who remembers that dating show on MTV  “NEXT”? I wish in real life when I was on a bad date I could just scream out “NEXT” and some new hottie would hop off a bus and replace the dud! A girl can dream…. 😉

Love ya bitches,


Ok, onto other things.

Yesterday was a nice, productive Monday.

I got my yoga on and felt great. It was PACKED in the studio.

Note: BE KIND, WEAR DEODORANT! Hot yoga is…HOT. You sweat. In close proximity to others. Please be courteous and not smell like ass. Or if you insist, don’t smell like ass next to me. K thx.

Then I went home and was a cleaning machine. I did my floors (including the stairs! I feel like Charlie hair just migrates there. Gross. But now they’re nice and clean.)

I LOVE Swiffer products. Convenient!

Then I did as shit ton of dishes:

Then I was STARVING and made two mini tortilla pizzas. Please note that using bakeware is not necessary 99% of the time. I heart tinfoil.

Yes, this doesn’t look that appetizing, but hummus + bbq sauce +veggie patty + cheese = party in your mouth!

Then I was off to bed around 9:30. Yeah….that’s how I roll. WHAT.

(Anchorman rocks my socks off. ❤ Ron Burgundy ❤ )


I went to bed to WAKE UP AND RUN EARLY!!! I got up at 4:57am.

WTF. Do you know what time it is, hooker?

BUT, it was awesome, and I got a 3 mile run in no problems with my ankle. I came back pleased!

…and sweaty.

I’m going to stick pretty much to the Hal Higdon 12 week 1/2 marathon training program – intermediate. My little buddy, Garmin, told me this was my run:

Woah that’s tiny. Well basically I ran an average pace of 9:00. Considering I have run about 5 times since last winter…yikes that is depressing!… I’ll take it!

After my run I stretched like WOAH. Injury prevention, duh! Winning.

Then ate my breakfast of champs:

And of course, after a run…and at 6am… the best way to refuel is with BOOZE.

I kid I kid! It’s just water + Mio. Jeeeeeesh. You must really think I’m a lush, eh? Haha. Nah still going strong no booze 🙂



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  1. Umm, I think I love you. And your blog title couldn’t be any better. Plus, I am a total bitchy bee today! Rightfully so — I spilled coffee all over my WHITE shirt this morning and had to go all the way to home to change. It was apparently on my pants too, which I didn’t realize until now because I started smelling a nasty wet, moldy smell coming from my own body! Ugh. Not a good day!

    On the flip side, I found your blog and that made me happy. 🙂 Thanks.

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