Muffin[tops], Pancakes, Races??


A little bitchy advice,

Dear women everywhere,

Muffin tops. NO. I can’t explain how much better everyone would look if they would just purchase the right size pants. Even skinny skinny girls can look disgusting if they try to squeeze into pants that are CLEARLY too small for them. I hate muffin tops with a passion. They are completely avoidable!

Thank you,


Moving on, yesterday was awesome and productive!

I woke up, with mega bed head, gave Charlie some mommy time (I swear he is not in pain in this photo. He’s cuddling my face. And he smells horrible, btw).

Then it was off to Grandma’s (Mini-Mom’s) house to wake up the munchkins and have some pancakes!

Wake up Penny!

“Um hell no, lady.”

I have pancakes….

“Why didn’t you say so?!”

So once all three of them were awake, we hung out for a bit and waited for the G-Rents to get there.

Mini-Mom was relaxing on her gorgeous porch,

While we waited, Penny found the baby powder bottle in my Mom’s gym bag. Hahha! Messy, but funny 🙂

G-Rents finally got there, and we began the delish feast of blueberry pancakes, melon, home made potatoes with onions, and of course a little oatbran!

It didn’t take long for the kids to find the hose again, and some splish splashin’ went down:

Penny was wearing a pair of her brother’s shorts (from when he was younger) and was rocking a sag. Hey, at least it’s not a muffin top!!

Before we knew it, my sister got there to take the kids home (and bring Griffin back to sleep away camp for another week. He LOVES it).

I went home to get some cleaning done before yoga. I was mega productive. Cleaned the kitchen AND scrubbed the refrigerator, did the bathrooms, and magic eraser-ed some of the walls.

I needed a little pre-yoga fuel so I make a BBQ Hummus Tortilla Pizza. (exactly what it sounds like, a tortilla with hummus bbq sauce and a little motz on top. Toss it in the oven until crisp, nom).

Yoga was awesome yesterday. I felt good the whole class. I was able to do each pose to my max (with the exception of toe stand on my right ankle), and just felt goooooooood.

Challenge Day 7!!

Yoga: Feeling great, some days have been challenging with the heat/humidity so high here in CT, but loving it nonetheless.

Booze: NO BOOZE all weekend. Impressed? Yeah, you should be.

Veggie: Yum. I never thought this one would be too hard, I love vegetables, grains, and even tofu.

Looking forward to completing the “challenges.”


While I haven’t been running much (ankle twisted/summer heat/yoga practice) I am itching to get back to a regular running schedule. This lil guy is dying for some attention:

So I am 12 weeks out. That’s kind of perfect for me to start a Higdon 12 week Intermediate Program…

I think I will feel it out, but start training this week. If my ankle is acting up or I am feeling too burned out from yoga and training, maybe I won’t do the half. Sometimes races turn me into a crazy training machine and I overdo it. Soooo we’ll see. But I know I am missing my runs, and if I follow a training program it will keep me from overdoing it too much! 🙂 We’ll see…!

Happy Monday. That’s an effin’ oxymoron….


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