Being an Aunty, FTW!! :D


Here is my genius advice…


Have a sibling, convince them to have kids. Lots of kids. Enjoy.

(Morning faces/hair are the cutest!!!)

Simple enough, right? 😉



So yesterday was a great Saturday, I hope everyone else had a fabulous day too!

I woke my ass up early and headed to 8am yoga. I am a 4:30 pm-er usually, so it was a bit of a mix up to my system. I am all about switching things up when it comes to fitness, but woah. My system took a bit of warming up for that. Standing series got me very light-headed, but I was able to focus and get through it. By the time I got to floor series I was feeling a bit “high” (see: dizzy/slighty awesome) and got through floor series and was extra bendy.

Walking out of the studio felt AHHH-MAYYY-ZING. I was ready to start my fun day!

First I showered – not something that happens every Saturday, so you’re welcome, World. Then it was off to get my emissions done on my car. I was pleasantly surprised that it only costs $20 and my car passed. AND it only took like 20 minutes. SCORE!

Then I grabbed myself a veggie Subway (not from the gas station, thank you very much),

and headed to my moms to nom it/catch a snooze before she got back from the movies (she saw Horrible Bosses and said it wasn’t that good. Boo, I wanted to see it, I think I’ll wait for Redbox now. $1 isn’t bad for a sucky movie!). I was preeeetty refreshed and excited when she came home and woke me up and I saw it was almost time for the kiddos to get there.

Penelope came in with usual Diva attitude that cracks me up!

“What?! You think I’m not the best at everything?! Watch this split, guys!”

Damnnnnnnnn Penny, one shoe and everything?! Mini-mom was mega impressed, as you can see!

We decided it was time to play some cards (My oldest nephew Griffin just got back from sleep-away 4H camp and learned lots of new card games from his bunk mates).

Eliot was ready to play!

Penny was confused at why her cards didn’t look like they boys…

“Zebra?! WTF does Zebra mean Aunty?!”

We decided to ditch the crazy cards and play in the sprinkler since it was 9234892 degrees out and my Mom doesn’t have AC. (Crazy lady!!)

Eliot was being a typical boy and getting silly (the sprinkler was his super pee….hahahaha):

I love watching the three of them together!!

All that silliness worked up an appetite for some nachos

Then things got HILARIOUS.

Mini-Mom has a chipmunk problem, for real! They are taking over her yard/garage. She is so passionately anti-chipmunk it cracks me up. So much so, in fact, the boys built “chipmunk weapons” which they use to chase the chipmunks out of garage. Haha. It is sooo funny.

Here’s Griffin with his Chipmunk stick:

(Why yes those are 2liter bottles. Theyre very good at scaring away rodents…)

And then I told Penny to give me her mean face. She’s good!

Mini-Mom went to get some birdseed out of the Garage and  “AHHHHHH!” she screamed bloody murder and ran out of the garage! There was in chipmunk IN the bag! hahaha. It was ridiculous, and then the boys got a little scared that the chipmunks may actually come after them, and we put the stick away!

Then it was time to clean up and have some dinner. My mom and the kids had burgers, and I enjoyed a Spicy Black Bean Burger, from Morning Star with cheese and salsa. YUM! I totally forgot to take pictures! And then we had chocolate creme pie that my mom made, also not photographed. My bad!

And then the kids were STILL hot (ugh 90 degrees at 8pm? Yikes!) so they came out while my mom was watering the flowers to get sprayed with the hose.

Life is good!

Around 9 I headed home for Charlieboy, and to get my sleep on! Now I am headed back to Mini-Moms for blueberry pancake breakfast. G-Rents are invited too! Yay 🙂



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