I’m wicked cool…


A little advice for this fine Saturday:


Dear Pretty Girls,

Stop stop stop self-tanning yourself orange, bleaching your hair white, and ruining your natural beauty. It is a little bit scary to look at, and I am scared to think of what you will look like in 30 years…




Anywhoooooo. So how was everyone’s Friday night? Mine was…less than exhilarating. But it was really nice to relax and do nothing! I pretty much hung out with Charlie after yoga, caught up on some dvr’d So You Think You Can Dance (best.show.eva), and went to bed at 10 pm. Yep, I am wicked cool.

Here is Charlie boy, looking all tiny and like a puppy,

Don’t be fooled by my trick photography, Charlie is a giant teddy bear beast of a lab.

Uh Charlie, close your mouth…and legs. Rude! Here I am trying to show the internet peeps how big and handsome you are, and this is the pose you give me? Rude.

Lets wrestle this out…

Dude, cut you talons nails. (Anyone else have a dog who HATES you cutting their nails? It’s nearly impossible for me to get Charlie’s done. I try to get 1 or 2 in if I catch him sleeping, but then he wakes up all mad at me. And at 90ish pounds, he can definitely take me in a wrestling match).

Well my super exciting night of sitting around with Charlie was good for my 30-day challenges. No boozin’ and now I’m up and heading to 8am yoga in a bit. I’m all fueled up with some delicious Chocolate PB Banana Oatbran 🙂

Tonight is the sleep over with the munchkins! So lots of playing, lots of laughing, and hopefully some vegetarian friendly food 🙂 I’ll take pics!

Everyone have fun plans for this weekend?



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