Gas Station Food.


Happy Thursday!!

Daily advice from me, the Bitch:

Dear Rich Attractive Men,

Date me.

That is all.



A girl can dream, right? Why don’t all men look like this, and why don’t the ones who do live near me/ask me out?? Get with it, guys!

Last night’s yoga class was TOUGH. The weather here has been ridiculous, “oppressive heat wave” and heat/humidity warnings all day today and tomorrow. Couple that with Bikram. Yikes. I know Bikram is always hot, but yesterday felt extra juicy. I was able to push through and performed all 26 postures, but D.A.M.N was it hard. The good thing is that after a class like that, walking outside makes the 90 degree weather feel pretty effin’ cool. It’s all relative I suppose.

After I got home I was in no mood to cook, so instead I ate a bowl of oatbran the size of my head. Seriously, it took me like 40 minutes to consume this beast.

Once I was done, I was still feeling pretty beat up from melting for 90 minutes, so I scrapped my plans of being productive/cleaning up around the condo and decided to watch So You Think You Can Dance. Neil Patrick Harris (SWOON) was the guest judge, so watching it was not an option.

I decided to paint my toes while watching so I can say that I did “something” last night.

Yeah then I laid under the covers and these toes are ruined. Whatevs, I’m not repainting them. That’s too mature. I’ll just deal with dull wrinkly polish for a bit. All good.

I whipped up (see: microwaved)  one of my favorite veggies for lunch today. Spaghetti Squash. I looove it. Today I’m having it with a Veggie Burger, bbq sauce, and mozzarella cheese. Don’t judge. It’s delish. I’ll snap a picture if I remember when I chow down.

The Challenges:


No booze so far. Don’t get excited, it’s still a weekday. BUT I have high hopes for not drinking this weekend. I have lots to get done Saturday, so I will have to get my Yoga on at 8am. Not sure if you’ve ever done Bikram, you do NOT want any sort of a hangover while being active in a 90 degree room. TRUTH.

Saturday night my sister and her hubs have a wedding to go to, so her three munchkins are sleeping at Grandma’s house, aka my Mini-Mom. You better believe I’m jumping on that sleepover wagon (well at least going over until they crash – Charlie Boy will need me at home and Mini-Mom does not do dogs so he isn’t invited. How rude!). So unless the  10,8, and almost 3-year-old kiddos starting boozin’, I’m pretty confident it’ll be a sober night!

Bahahaha, this cartoon rocks my world!


Today will be day 3, going strong. The heat is OPPRESSIVE, but whatever. And my ankle is busted so some moves (toestand) are a little uncomfortable, but I’ll manage.


Yup, this isn’t too hard. I’m actually craving more veggies and would KILL for a banana right now. I wanted to get one at the gas station this morning while grabbing coffee (yeah I eat produce from the gas station when necessary, WHAT!), but they only had oranges. Wasn’t feeling that. I think tonight I may treat myself to some take out. Either a subway veggie footlong, or Moe’s. WELCOME TO MOES. NOM.

Dilemma, I look like a drowned rat after yoga. I don’t know if i want to risk going into Moe’s which is in a nice mall area, vs Subway that is also in a gas station. Dude, I need to STOP eating food from gas stations…Perhaps that should be part 4 of my 30 day challenges?….NOPE.

BEE, OUT.  (Alright, that only works when Ryan Seacrest says it…)

Man he was a heart breaker growing up! Annnnd I’m going to hell.


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  1. Haha, well I am a walking disaster, lol,…so I tripped on a run last Friday and twisted it. Just a little swollen still. But yeah thank god it was at 5am and no one was around to see it! I was fiddling with my iPod and just landed wrong. Klutz!

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