If you can’t see it, it isn’t there…or something…


Good morning. Is it Friday yet? Err….hey, at least it’s not Monday, right?

Important advice from the Bitchy Bee:

Dear “Grown ups” (aka people like me who dress that part from 9-5 in order to receive a paycheck),

It is totally acceptable to wear a shirt with a stain on it to work, as long as you cover it up.



As I put on my work costume this morning – yeah i just said costume – I looked down to realize there were TWO stains on my white tank top (which I quickly remembered were from some tasty red wine this past weekend, woops. One too many? Impossible). Then I came to the conclusion that no one but me will know those stains are there. Well….and now anyone reading this post too. Shh, don’t tell the others.

Yesterday was a roller coaster of a Tuesday. Usually weekdays are either awesome, or shittAy. Yesterday was both.

I started my day with my yummy Oatbran (Bob’s Red Mill Rocks my world. Just sayin’). As per usual, I mixed in some protein powder (vanilla whey).

For lunch I had some bangin’ pasta. You NEED to try these noodles:

These “noodles” are delicious, 20 calories a serving (so 40 calories because the bag isn’t that big!), and tastes/feels like pasta. I topped them with some three cheese marinara sauce, and some shredded mozzarella. YUM!

For an easy afternoon snack I munched on a Tortilla with roasted veggie hummus. Hummus = crack. GET IN MUH BELLY.

In between all the deliciousness, I went home around noon to walk Mr. Charlie. Unfortunately, he had a lovely surprise for me. A STINKY surprise on the basement floor. Thanks, beyotch.

Don’t be mad at me Mom. I had to GO!

Dammit, Charlie, stop being so cute so I can be pissed at you!

So after cleaning up that lovely afternoon pile o’ shit, I was back to work and then off to get my yoga on!

Last night’s Bikram was a great class. I had been away for 4 days, so I was wondering how I’d feel. I felt awesome. Despite the fact that we’re in the middle of a humidity/heat wave, the room felt great and I kicked butt. I think I like Bikram because I’m naturally very flexible and I love being “good” at something. That, coupled with the redonk amount of mental clarity you get from concentrating for 90 minutes. Duh, winning.

After yoga I rushed home to change (not shower, mind you…woops), and met my dad for dinner at Vernon Diner. In high school we all used to refer to it as “VD.” If that doesn’t get your appetite going, I don’t know what will….gross.

I had an egg white omelette with cheddar, broccoli, and onion and wheat toast with strawberry jelly. YUM.

After a nice time with my dad, I went home and did dishes, my sink was overflowing like WOAH, vacuumed up some Charlie hair, and crassssssssshed. Zzzzzzz.


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